Information. Innovation. Integrity. Invested.

Intrepid Investigations respects our clients and their brand values through our commitment to training, best practices, ethics, the law, service level agreements and confidentiality of information.

We deliver solid evidence. Trusted, objective, and factual proof — free from opinion or judgement.

We offer our clients socially responsible services. We are highly considerate of the community, public safety standards and people’s expectation of privacy. We always conduct surveillance in the least obtrusive manner possible.

You can trust our quality and experience on every assignment. We use the correct resources, the best visual media equipment, and highly specialized tools for challenging environments. Our regional teams are capable of rapid response, whether we’re needed in the city centre or a remote community.

  • Insurance, Legal, Corporate
  • Individual & Team Deployments
  • Urban and Rural Specialization
  • Under Cover Operations
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Anti-Stalking & Harassment
  • Electronic Intrusion Device Detection
  • Computer & Digital Device Forensics