Leadership and Relationships

Leadership and Relationships

Getting to know each other.

Picture of Keith D'Souza

Keith D'Souza


Keith D’Souza is the President of Intrepid Investigations Inc. Keith began his career in the private investigations field in 1994 when he was first licensed as a private investigator. He joined Intrepid Investigations in 1997, and in 1998, became the President of the company. Keith’s operational background is rooted in surveillance, statement taking, inquiries, interviewing, and information searches. He has worked thousands of hours in the field and testified many times in legal proceedings. His keen attention to understanding client needs and fulfilling their objectives has earned him an outstanding reputation in the industry.

In addition to Keith’s extensive operational experience, he has excelled in his leadership and strategic management capabilities. He is a performance driven leader who combines skill, method and wisdom to generate workplace experiences that ignite people to discover their potential and succeed through shared vision and contagious enthusiasm. His vision for the future of the company is unremitting and carefully realized ensuring that it is client and employee driven at all times. Keith’s professional priorities focus on relationships and putting people first, whether it is clients, employees or industry partners. He is known for his ability to maintain team motivation and momentum over long periods through a rich mix of cultivating team chemistry, consensus building, soliciting feedback, inviting new perspectives, recognizing effort, offering meaningful guidance, reflecting on purpose and having sincere personal contacts. Quality and kindness are the hallmarks of his business philosophy, which emanate throughout the company and the valuable product that Intrepid delivers.

Picture of John McCowan

John McCowan

Vice President

John McCowan is a Vice President and the Chief Privacy Officer of Intrepid Investigations Inc. John has been in the private investigation industry for 24 years, beginning his career in 1994 and joining Intrepid Investigations in 1997. John’s knowledge and success in the field played a significant role in developing the company to the service excellence level it is at today. John is a specialist in the area of surveillance. He has long been the pillar of quality assurance for Intrepid, not only through his own work on assignments, but through his training, coaching and leadership of others. His expertise has been utilized on innumerable investigations, many of which were very sensitive, high level cases that involved litigation.

With Intrepid’s continual and positive growth, John transformed with the organization, and moved from the field into a role with oversight of the company’s business services, human resources, finance and information technology teams. He is driven to ensure the backbone of the organization remains strong and fully capable of supporting every aspect of operations and client needs. John consistently applies an exceptional wide-angle view to issue and situation examination that carefully considers historic relevance, present conditions and the long term impact of corporate decisions and actions. His creative approach has a tremendous impact in defining Intrepid’s commitment to innovation, corporate social responsibilities and global economic sustainability through his research into and implementation of high technology, core systems and best practices that improve the workplace, enhance overall company performance and advance environmental wellbeing.

Picture of Jack LoGiacco

Jack LoGiacco

Managing Partner

Jack LoGiacco is a partner at Intrepid Investigations Inc. who is actively engaged in the field. He has been licensed as a Private Investigator since 1992, and ran his own investigation company prior to bolstering the Intrepid team in 1997. Jack is one of the most experienced investigators in the industry and an extremely important factor in the holistic accomplishments of the company. Intrepid believes its executive should lead from the front, and no one exemplifies this core belief better than Jack. His reputation in the industry is second to none based on his sense of ethics, extensive achievements, ‘lead by example’ approach to management, and collaborative and supportive partnership with law enforcement.

Jack’s day to day representation of the Intrepid leadership team in the field significantly empowers organizational cohesion and quality consistency. Not only is he an asset to any operational undertaking, but is an exceptional coach and mentor who cares for and insightfully cultivates the future generations of investigators. Given his length of field service and unique combination of experiences, Jack is the custodian of Intrepid’s intellectual capital. He ensures that Intrepid remains steadfast to preserving, retaining and applying accumulative investigative knowledge while holding the view to continuous improvement opportunities based on technological advancements, regulatory, judicial and social change.

Picture of Tim Boodram

Tim Boodram

Vice President

Tim Boodram joined Intrepid Investigations Inc. in 2005, coming to the company with over 8 years of experience in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster. As a Vice President, Tim’s primary focus is oversight of the Intrepid brand and client relationship management team. He is altruistically motivated to serve the needs of clients, employees, shareholders and stakeholders, and is a trusted and pivotal leader who sustains long term relationships by being real, honest, thoughtful, intuitive, supportive and collaborative.

Tim is committed to ensuring every aspect of the organization is attached to and exudes Intrepid’s brand values of kindness, measured quality, being an exceptional corporate citizen and engaged community partner. Tim safeguards the Intrepid product by confirming assignment results are empirically supported through objective scoring and completed to performance expectations, while tracking accomplishments so employees can consistently validate their role and achievements against reliable points of reference. He spends countless hours meeting with clients, caring about their ‘Intrepid experience’, and attending industry events as well as social causes. He routinely represents the company by volunteering and supporting charitable associations. His dedication to client satisfaction is relentless and paramount to holding the company accountable to service excellence. Tim’s memberships include the Insurance Institute of Canada, the Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association, and the Blue Goose Association Ontario Chapter.