Strategy. Teamwork. Empowerment.

Our clients trust our services to protect people, brand and lifestyle. Being aware and remaining vigilant, Intrepid can scan for incident indicators, assess risks and threats and protect life and property.

When people feel at risk, threatened or vulnerable, our team’s experience and sustainable practices are able to transform that fear, doubt and uncertainty into strength, understanding and resiliency.

We emphasize the importance of imbuing each assignment with the effective use of training, coaching, strategy, skill, teamwork and kindness. We believe these are the causes of lasting confidence, safety and security.

Our team focuses on international, national and community trends to ensure we are in touch with, prepared for and extremely capable to prevent, diffuse or defend against the risks and threats our clients face in the 21st century. We understand the complex issues involved in cyber bullying, harassment and stalking, cyber extortion, electronic identity theft, premeditated attacks or random assaults.

  • Claim Termination Support
  • Personal & Executive Protection
  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • High Risk Dismissals
  • Security Consulting
  • Workplace & Social Violence Prevention
  • Internet & Electronic Safety Reviews
  • Safety Through Environmental Design