A Canadian Company

A Canadian Company

Things we feel are important.

We believe client service is synonymous with altruism and supporting heart mind connection and community. Having an authentic, deep caring and concern for your success and well-being, not just through business excellence, but kindness and mindfulness too. Care for you and your team, your stakeholders, and your investment in your brand is the root cause behind our company’s culture, so the results that arise when we perform for you are not just technically correct, but meaningful on as many levels as possible.

Intrepid Investigations is a national organization and Canadian company wholly owned by four (4) partners who are personally active in the day-to-day operations of the company. Intrepid has been a trusted provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Surveillance and Investigation Services to the insurance, legal, corporate, and government sectors since 1991. We offer exceptional experience and mindful practices that are client led and focus on what’s really important, cultivating meaningful relationships and delivering end results that have impact, are empirically supported and quality assured. Our success over the past 28 years can be attributed to two very simple principles:

  1. Identify the client’s holistic and focused objectives, then meet or exceed them; and
  2. Be client driven with a continuous improvement approach.

To this end, we are a distinguished company with ISO 9001:2015 certification, a commitment that ensures all of our core processes and best practices meet this international level of professional standards and business excellence.

We are a proud, socially responsible organization that respects the interconnected nature of our world. Our strategies, core processes and best practices reflect the values of and dependent relationships between our people, clients and the welfare of our planet. We are a signatory and support organization with the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and remain committed to the UN principles of aligning strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

As a part of meeting UNGC commitments, and adding value to relationships, we have created a ‘hard copy free’ evidence package delivery system within our IntrepidLive case management program that is based on client needs. This digital permalink service option, which eliminates paper and plastic from the deliverables chain, can make a difference to both our and clients’ environmental sustainability efforts while improving time service and eliminating delivery costs.

Our vision for the company is to put quality, kindness, social diversity and pay equity first, while recognizing the importance of being a stable source of employment where potential is nurtured, relationships are honored and continuous improvement is embraced.

Our mission is to be client driven, altruistic and valuable in our service to others. To sincerely care about and thoroughly understand what our clients need. A unified team that pays attention to the finest of details and consistently delivers a product that has impact. To be rooted in sound metrics and authentically measure performance based on client led evidence. To be open and aware, scanning the horizon and assessing future trends with an unremitting excitement about being innovative, an industry leader and an agent of positive change.

Our values are to have a culture of teamwork, collaboration and compassion, where operational success and heart mind well-being receive equal emphasis. Cultivating an atmosphere of mindfulness, where the qualities of thoughtfulness, engagement and kindness are celebrated. A space that inspires the warm-heartedness, honesty, truthfulness and transparency that leads to trust.

It is through our vision, mission and values that we begin the process of inspiring and drawing out the best in our employees, and directing positive energy into every assignment. We currently employ over 120 investigators and support personnel across Canada with our operational staff having an average of 11 years of experience. At Intrepid we put our inclusive philosophy into practice by employing a diverse team of professionals that is both multicultural and multilingual across many ethnic backgrounds who are fluent in 19 different languages. Using finely honed skills, leading edge technology, and proven best practices, our team produces results that truly empower our clients’ decision making capabilities.

Intrepid is a member in good standing with the Private Investigator’s Association of British Columbia, Alberta Association of Private Investigators, the Council of Private Investigators Ontario, L’Association Professionnelle des Enquêteurs Privés du Québec and the Council of Private Investigators of Atlantic Canada. Our firm has Investigative Body Status and complies with all Canadian privacy laws including the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).